CIA-Approved Publication for the Seaga administration-8.pdf

Jamaica Problems and Prospects for the Seaga Government 

CIA-Seaga-8 (pdf)


Terror Taxis – Over 50 Women Robbed and Raped

It was a normal morning for *Allison. She woke up, got ready, and walked out to grab a cab on Trafalgar Road, close to New Kingston, in order to get to her job. 

A car pulls up, the driver says “Downtown”. She scans the vehicle and notices two passengers, one male, one female. She thinks nothing bad can happen to her with other passengers onboard and steps inside. 

Unfortunately, she was so wrong.

  *Allison, and the other young woman were both held by the driver and the other male who was only posing as a passenger. *Allison, 30, and the other young woman were taken to an ATM where the men demanded their pin numbers. The other young woman refused but gave in only a few moments later after she suffered several blows to her face from the fake passenger. *Allison did not hesitate, hoping that this would deter the men from hurting her.

Wrong again.

  For the next several hours, after withdrawing all they had on their individual debit cards, both women were brutally raped by both men, then abandoned on the side of the road.



The Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) has reported that over 50 females have been raped and robbed over the last two years by men posing as taxi operators working with crooks posing as passengers; 27 in 2016 and 16 in 2017. These incidents were reported, not only in the corporate area, but also in St. James and St. Catherine. Most of the victims reported being blind-folded, raped and taken to an ATM to withdraw money for the assailants. These men, believed to be serial rapists, have carried out the heinous crimes using both public red-plated vehicles as well as private vehicles. 


  Sexual crimes against women and children by both heterosexuals and homosexuals continue to escalate in Jamaica. In 2012, the brutal rape in St James, of five females, including three children, left the country stunned. Statistics from the Police Force show that almost 500 women were raped in 2016, 180 of the victims being under the age of 15, some under 5 years old. 


*Allison, with tears streaming down her face as she recounted the day that has left her scarred for life, urged females to take precautions when taking public transportation. “Be vigilant,” she said, “Pay keen attention to the persons in the vehicle, just so, in a worst-case scenario, you can provide a good description.”


 (NB-Allison-*Name Change)

Women are also being encouraged to try taking a moment to note the vehicle’s registration number and share it with family or friends, and to discreetly take photographs of the car or driver and pass it on, if possible. It is also advised that one keep a close family member or friend up to date on your movements, download safety apps, and have emergency numbers on speed dial.

While we pray that these criminals are caught and dealt with in short order in the most deserving manner, it is obvious that the creeps are finding more and more inventive ways of committing these atrocious crimes! It is up to us women, and the few good men left, to be alert and equip ourselves mentally, and if possible, physically. 

 The National Council of Taxi Associations says legal operators have seen an increase in business in light of the recent cases of abduction of women and girls while travelling in taxis.

There has been heightened concern about the safety of females amid a recent spate of abductions said to be perpetrated by criminals posing as taxi operators.

According to the Association president Deon Chance, most of the recent abductions linked to taxis were committed by persons driving robot taxis.

He says this has tainted the image of law-abiding taxi operators.

He’s urging members of the public, especially females, to take precautions when travelling in taxis.

Explosion in Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City


According to reports, at 7:19 December 11th 2017 the call came in about an explosion in Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is a major hub that carries busses between New Jersey and New York. Additionally, the Port Authority carries buses to Canada and other places.


Additionally, the Port Authority is a hub for the A, C, E and other adjoining Trains in the underground at the Port Authority. As one can imagine that Monday morning are one of the busiest work mornings of the week when many people are rushing to work


The reports so far are, one person is in custody. This person has set off and detonated a device which is a Pipe Bomb under the passage way under Port Authority. 

According to reports, the bomb either did not detonated as intended or detonated prematurely 

The response from law enforcements were swift and effective as the alleged perpetrator was quickly taken in custody.
So far from what we understand the alleged perpetrator was injured and 4 other people had minor injuries 



According to reports, the alleged mastermind is a 27 years old man from Bangladesh and has been living in Brooklyn, New York for about 7 years. He is reportedly has a wired vest on him. 

Jamaica Live will inform the viewers as the story develops to see who this person is, if he had help and what his motives are and did he act  alone? 


One can imagine this must be a scary even for many people who already feel clustered and contained in the passage ways underground. 

Jamaica Live TV News Update with Odera

Nov 6th 2017

 1.Mass shooting at a church in Texas.

2. A politician in Jamaica is being investigated 

3. Crown Prince has put into law a new set of anti-corruption laws 

Cardi B was in Jamaica this past weekend to shoot a music video and he 8-carat ring was missing from the trip!

Jamaica Live TV News Update with Odera

 1. Our condolences are with the families.
2. The controversial Kenyan elections. History of violence and when can we get it right to have elections peacefully?    

3. A white lady poisoning her Jamaican roommate at the University of Hartford.    

4. Selena Gomez and the Weeknd 

Jamaica Live TV News Update with Odera

 1. Special Counsel into the Russian interference investigation Robert Mueller filed his first charges.


2. Today  Oct  30th 2017 are the By-Elections in South East St. Mary, and Jamaica Labour Party's Dr. Norman Dunn and controversial People's National Party candidate Dr. Shane Alexis 

3. In Nigeria, there have been rumors  President Buhari is not himself

4. Superstar West Indian Cricketer Chris Gayle has won the Australian defamation case

Jamaica Live TV News Update with Odera

 Jamaican Dons WANT IN Downtown Kingston development project.

  Nigeria, democracy has officially turned to demoCRAZY! Why is the country not in more uproar?  

Houston Texans owner referred to the kneeling down players by saying "we can't have inmates running the prison". How reflective are these "slips" of the way owners see NFL players? 

Jamaica Live TV News Update with Odera

 Todays Topics*
1. Trump lifts the ban on refugees
entering the US 2. China- Jamaica relations China- Nigeria/ Africa relations
3. Eminem released a diss track for President Trump Is this justified or can it be called bullying as well? 

Jamaica ZOSO. London Moped gang and Harvey Weinstein

 Today's Topics on News update with Odera--Is ZOSO effective in fighting crime in Jamaica?-Should the people do more to assist the government and police?

-Football star Joe Hart was recently mobbed by the moped gang, why is news about the moped gangs of London not making more headlines?-Why is community crime such a problem around the world?

  As contention brew over newly nominated Dr Shane Alexis to represent the Opposition Party in St Mary South Eastern division, one must ask the question, is this a new occurrence? And should it be legal? Should there be laws against non-Jamaicans be able to run for Office in Jamaica? 

  The main justification given for Dr Shane Alexis to represent the Peoples National Party is that he is a Commonwealth Citizen. So does this mean a Jamaican can go to a Commonwealth Country and just run for Office claiming Commonwealth Citizenship? To be specific, can a Jamaican Citizen go to Canada and run for political Office? 

The Election Canada and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs websites outlined who can become a candidate or run for Local Office Canada: The basic requirements for becoming a candidate are the following: ·  

  • You must be a Canadian Citizen.
  • You must be at least 18 years old on election day.
  • You must file a Nomination Paper (EC 20010) with the returning officer for the electoral district (riding) where you intend to run, along with all other documents required by the nomination process. :

On the day you file your nomination, you must be a Canadian citizen aged 18 or older, and qualify as a resident or non-resident elector. (For more information about eligibility to vote. Please see Eligibility to Vote in the 2014 Voters’ Guide). 

The eligibility above would clearly disqualified a Jamaican citizen to run for Office in Canada. So why is the justification of Dr Shane Alexis legibility legal in Jamaica? In 2017 should there be laws against this?   

 The Member of Parliament for Portland Western, Daryl Vaz, at a press conference said the issue was not about legality but morality. He explained, "I find it hypocritical, I find it immoral that after the People's National Party made it a point of duty to carry five of us in our last term in office to court on a dual citizenship case that they would be so bold and brazen to confirm a candidate to run on their ticket who is neither the holder of a Jamaican passport or a Jamaican citizen". The Peoples National Party accepted Dr. Shane Alexis was born in Canada but they explained he came to Jamaica as a young child and attended Saints Peter and Paul Preparatory School and Campion College in Jamaica. He completed his undergraduate education in Jamaica before receiving a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba.  They went on further to say, “[t]he Jamaican Constitution is clear that individuals born in Commonwealth countries are eligible to sit in the Houses of Parliament”. The Peoples National Party further added, that after completing his medical training, Dr. Shane Alexis returned to Jamaica and worked in several public medical institutions, including doing training and working at the Kingston Public Hospital, Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Annotto Bay Hospital.    The Opposition also pointed out that Alexis has served as president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors' Association, and was appointed to the board of the National Health Fund (NHF) by the present JLP administration. The Peoples National Party noted in it’s release that there are members of the Jamaica Labour Party seated in the Houses of Parliament, who also hold Commonwealth citizenship. They explained that the doctor is now applying for his Jamaican Citizenship.

    Let’s go back to the 1980s. One of Jamaica’s most honoured politician Edward Phillip George Seaga. He was the fifth Prime Minister of Jamaica, from 1980 to 1989, and the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party from 1974 to 2005. He served as leader of the opposition from 1974 to 1980, and again from 1989 until January 2005. Edward Seaga was born 28 May 1930 Boston, Massachusetts

 It is obvious there are a long list of Jamaican politicians over the history of Jamaican politics who are either foreign nationals or have dual citizenships from other countries. One could argue the laws must now be changed. Even though Jamaica is a Commonwealth Country, our Commonwealth privileges are very limited. Additionally, despite the fact Jamaica is a part of the Commonwealth, it is a sovereign Country and certain privileges must be limited to Jamaican citizens only.        

Jamaica the latest country to implement HPV vaccine

The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine otherwise called HPV.

  The HPV vaccine has been rolled out in the Jamaican schools under the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government. The JLP Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton introduced the measures to be initiated in schools across the nation as of Monday October 2nd 2017. Despite a number of concerns from parents and the general public the health minister reassured it is safe, free of cost and optional. The initiative falls under a 100 million dollar school-based programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.  

  The vaccine become available since 2006, and all are currently licensed in the United States. The first vaccine to be introduced was the quadrivalent (four-valent) vaccine Gardasil® (Merck), known in Europe as Silgard, which protects against HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18. HPV 16 and 18, the two most common "high-risk" genotypes, cause approximately 70% of all cervical cancers. HPV 6 and 11, two "low-risk" genotypes, cause 90% of anogenital warts (condylomata). First approved in 2006 for girls and women 9 to 26 years of age, Gardasil approval was extended to boys of the same age in 2010.[6] A bivalent (two-valent) vaccine, Cervarix® (GlaxoSmithKline), which protects against HPV types 16 and 18, was approved in 2010 for use in girls and women 9 to 25 years of age, but not in boys.[7]~

  The official Gardasil website, explains that “[i]f you haven’t heard about the risks of HPV-related cancers and disease yet, it’s time you did. HPV (short for human papillomavirus) is a virus that can infect both males and females and cause potentially serious diseases. There are approximately 14 million new HPV infections in the United States every year — about 50% of them in 15- to 24-year-olds. For most, HPV clears on its own. But, for others who don’t clear the virus, HPV could cause potentially serious diseases. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict who will or won’t clear the virus. Understanding HPV and its possible consequences is the first step in helping your child be one less at risk for certain HPV-related cancers and diseases. With the HPV vaccine, your child could be one less at risk for future HPV-related cancers and diseases. GARDASIL 9 is the only vaccine that helps protect against 9 types of HPV (Types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58). These 9 types are responsible for the majority of HPV-related cancers and diseases. The side effects listed on the Gardasil website are. Pain, Swelling, Redness, Itching, Bruising, Bleeding, A lump where your child got the shot, Headache, Fever, Nausea, Dizziness and Fainting. Please see website for further details    

  Despite the promising effects of the vaccine, there are numerous opposition.   Former Merck scientist made a bold claim where he said, “I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time”.    

  The Japantimes reported that a Class Action Lawsuit was filed due to adverse side effect of the vaccine. According to the website, Twenty-eight girls and women suffering what they say are side effects from cervical cancer vaccines that were recommended by the government demanded compensation from the state and drugmakers Monday as their trial opened at the Tokyo District Court.  The plaintiffs, ranging in age from 15 to 22, said they have experienced a wide range of health problems, including pain all over their bodies and impaired mobility, after receiving the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines between 2010 and 2013. Read more:    

  At the beginning of 2013, the Australian Government began to roll-out the Gardasil vaccination program for all boys aged 13-15. In this interview, BMJ-published Australian GP Dr Deirdre Little tells the story of how a 16-year-old female patient who received the Gardasil vaccine suffered premature menopause. She subsequently discovered that according to the TGA, the Gardasil manufacturer did not conduct studies on ovarian effects of the vaccine or any studies regarding ongoing fertility effects.     

Truth and Gardasil: Interview with Dr Deirdre Little

  The Metro UK reported that a dancer has been left paralysed after taking the controversial HPV vaccine which helps prevents cervical cancer. Read more:     

  Similarly, the Telegraph also reported that Shazel Zaman, 13, received a cervical cancer jab five days earlier after which she started vomiting and suffering from dizziness and a severe headache. As her symptoms got worse she was taken to Bury's Fairfield Hospital. She later died. Shazel’s family believe her death is linked directly to her having the vaccine.       

  In April, the government of India called a halt to trials of the Hu­man Papilloma Virus (HPV) vac­cine.  This came about because of a civil society-led investigation which highlighted serious ethical violations in at least one trial.       

  As the numerous worldwide controversy loom over the vaccine, the Jamaican government become the latest country to introduce the vaccine. According to reports, the Opposition Shadow Minister of Health, Dr Dayton Campbell is calling for the urgent implementation of a public education programme ahead of administering of the HPV vaccine to the at-risk population. The opposition minister is mainly concerned with reported side effects such as fainting spells and other side effects and believe a school environment may not be a suitable place for such measures as it lacks the facility to monitor the students. In addition, the minister argued that even though the vaccine may be beneficial as there will likely be less adverse findings on pap smears and fewer cases of cancers, the lack of proper public health education would leave many Jamaicans confused and give cause to heightened anxiety.,_questions_exclusion_of_boys    

  The Social Media sphere has been lit up with comments and concerns. There have been outrage to concerns. 

VM~It should be mandatory that all politicians should take it.  

NT~ Tell everyone you know and have contact with to be vigilant about their families health. 

PG~Please speak to your personal doctor about it. It was introduced to me 10yrs ago for my daughter but couldn't afford it, it was very expensive. 

   SLK. D It should continue.
As long as persons can refuse it I'm not bothered. Think many people are only complaining because they don't know how serious cervical cancer can be. If it can be prevented by this vaccine, I’m all for it.       

  As the Gardasil official website stated that for most, HPV clears on its own. One could argue, why risk the lives of a whole nation if most cases will clear on its own? Others may argue that the percentage of known severe side effects are far less of a risk and is worthy of saving the lives of those who may develop cancer. Many argue that the vaccine should not be mandatory and more education across Jamaica is absolutely necessary. Lastly, the vaccine should not be implemented in schools and it should be left to the parents to speak to their doctor and make a decision if the vaccine is right for their child       

Duppy is dead. Where was he hiding?

One of Jamaica's most wanted is now dead.

The question many are now asking is, where was he hiding? Was the authorities doing enough to catch him? The Island of Jamaica has approximately  2.881 million people as of 2016, where everyone knows everyone. Some find it hard to see why the police and authorities took so long to root him out. Even though Jamaica is a thriving Metropolis, some argue that it would have been even more successful with the reduction of the crime problem.

Duppy Story


"Duppy Film" whose real name is Marlon Perry is believed to  be the leader of the 'Duppy Flames' gang.  According to reports, his body was supposedly found with an AK rifle and two handguns.

This notorious "Duppy Film" Marlon Perry was wanted in connection with the murders of Corporal Kenneth Davis, who was assigned to the Protective Services Division, and Constable Craig Palmer, who was assigned to the Kingston Western Division as well as several other crimes. Since this frightening video of him surfaced on the Web, he is been evading the authorities, committing murders and driving fear in the Jamaican society. Many will now left to  wonder, what will happen to his "Duppy Flames" gang? Will another leader emerge? Will the police once and for all destroy this Duppy Flames Gang?

Gatlin bowed to Bolt after beaten him

 World Championships 2017: Usain Bolt beaten by Justin Gatlin in 100m final. Justin Gatlin tore up Usain Bolt's farewell script as he stole world 100m gold with the run of his long and controversial career. Despite struggling for fitness and form in his valedictory season, Bolt had still been favourite to secure his 20th global gold.

Bolt was left with only a bronze in his final individual 100m race as 21-year-old Christian Coleman made it a USA one-two.

The 35-year-old Gatlin, twice banned for doping, came through almost unnoticed in lane seven in 9.92 seconds, with Coleman's 9.94 holding off the greatest sprinter of all time~Courtesy of the BBC. 

There has been a long rivalry between Bolt and Gatlin of the USA. This must have been a vindicated feeling for Gatlin to upset Bolt's legacy in London 2017 

Emancipation Day

 August 1, 1834 marked a special day for Africans in British colonies as it was the day they received freedom from slavery. In Jamaica, the Emancipation Declaration was read from the steps of the Old Kings House in Spanish Town, St Catherine, the country's capital at the time.

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833, which abolished slavery throughout the British Empire (with the exceptions "of the Territories in the Possession of the East India Company", the "Island of Ceylon" and "the Island of Saint Helena"; the exceptions were eliminated in 1843), came into force the following year, on 1 August 1834. Only slaves below the age of six were freed. Former slaves over the age of six were redesignated as "apprentices" required to work, 40 hours per week without pay, as part of compensation payment to their former owners. Full emancipation was finally achieved at midnight on 31 July 1838. 

Traditionally people would keep at vigil on July 31 and at midnight ring church bell and play drums in parks and public squares to re-enact the first moments of freedom for enslaved Africans.[7] On Emancipation Day there is a reenactment of the reading of the Emancipation Declaration in town centres especially Spanish Town which was the seat of the Jamaican government when the Emancipation Act was passed in 1838. 

Garvey to be cleared of all criminal charges – Grange

Friday, August 18, 2017

ST JAMES, Jamaica (JIS) – Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange, says the Government is moving to clear National Hero, Marcus Garvey, of all criminal charges that were laid against him in Jamaica.

Addressing a civic ceremony to commemorate the 130th birthday of Jamaica's first National Hero, held at Lawrence Park, St Ann, yesterday, the minister said a Bill is being finalised that is aimed at absolving a number of iconic Jamaicans, including Garvey, of what she described as “acts of liberation”.

“We continue to argue that Garvey's actions were not criminal, but were acts of liberation with moral justification. The Bill should be brought to the House in October to absolve National Heroes, including Garvey, and other freedom fighters of criminal liabilities arising from their acts of liberation and connected matters. By including Garvey in this Bill, we are moving to ensure that his record will be totally cleared,” the minister said.

Grange said despite several failed attempts to get Marcus Garvey's name cleared of criminal charges in the United States, the Government remains unrelenting in efforts to achieve that goal.

“As a country, we have done a number of things to honour this great son of Jamaica and to remove the blots against his name… . We cannot give up this fight to clear his name,” the minister emphasised.

Meanwhile, Grange said in bad and good times, Jamaicans can take courage from the work of the National Hero as well as the statue which stands tall in Lawrence Park, St Ann's Bay.

“Garvey's statue looms large, and is a reminder of his influence on the world stage, a reminder of his determination, not just to uplift black people but to help us understand our innate power. In true Jamaican style, Garvey showed that nothing is impossible, despite opposition,” the minister added.

She praised Garvey for the role he played in influencing world leaders and power brokers to “stop and take a look, not only at him and his work but at Jamaica, the country of his birth”.

The minister said that the government of Namibia has advised the Jamaican Government that the main street in that country's capital, Windhoek, will be renamed in honour of Garvey, with the ceremony set for later this year.