Jamaica Women's Bobsled roar. Etana get handout?! 2/19, 2018

Major roar within the Jamaican 2018 Women's Bobsled Team.
Why is Etana getting a handout from Jamaica? 

Heroes Day Mon Oct 16th 2017 at Port Royal

 Jamaica Live covers the Heroes Day activities at Port Royal.
Is patriotism dead in Jamaica?

The question we asked the public and the opposition government PNP leader Peter Phillips and Phillip Paulwell Government Minister of Energy 

Rectum scanning? Jamaica NIDS

 Follow up on the National Identification System. NIDS 

German base company pushing biometrics Card in Jamaica

Africa is a Continent. Got it. LOL. We knew

German company  Dermalog Biometrics Card in Jamaica. 

All you need to know


 Sunday November 26th at 3:25pm at the  Jamaica Labour Party - National Conference 2017.

 The Prime Minister Andrew Holness is pleading to the Jamaican people that he will NEVER jeopardise the safety and security of the Jamaican people with the NIDS. He will do an Island Wide Road Show about the NIDS. He will meet with church leaders and talk to them about the NIDS. He is listening to ALL OVER CONCERNS. He also says the NIDS is NOT YET FINALISED. He will listen to our concern and work with the people of Jamaica. He will work for us to understand about the New Biometrics Identity Card (NIDS). He will not force it on the Jamaican people. 

Jamaica controversial ID.. Contributor crying Mugabe coup

 Jamaica's National Identification System bill has recently passed amidst controversy over provision of essential services

Enhanced military activity took over Zimbabwe Wednesday morning, with President Mugabe and his family being placed under house arrest.

Meek Mill 2-4 

Jamaica the latest country to implement HPV vaccine

Jamaica Live with Rondene DaCosta in Half Way Tree, Kingston Jamaica discussing HPV vaccine

October 7th 2017

Route from St. Catherine to Ocho Rios St. Ann Video

Jamaica Live with Rondene DaCosta

At the top... Famous Blue Mountains in Jamaica

 Jamaica Live with Rondene DaCosta 

Turtle river park, Ocho Rios, st Ann

Jamaica Live with Rondene DaCosta